Laura Burt

Unique Super Power: Story Crafting

laura burt super power expertsSuper Power Expert
Phoenix, AZ

Laura Burt brings 10 plus years of business assistance and project management to the Super Power Experts Team. She has a BA in Cross-Cultural Studies and an MA in Professional Counseling and currently sees clients in a private practice. Laura is a certified yoga instructor and combines that with her passion about the mind/body connection.  She’s able to incorporate her own traumatic life events to further her approach and revolutionary mind/body work. Some of her clients call her the body whisperer, being able to communicate to the body from an observer standpoint so healing can occur.
Laura believes all her experiences led her to a place where she can help others evolve to become expansive, authentic beings. She illuminates old constructs and limitations and continues to expand as an authentic individual who pursues her purpose and passions.  Laura works to help others release stories and outdated belief systems that keep people stuck and victimized.

Work Directly with Laura

Completely driven in truth and love Laura sees the whole picture. Her main role is using your thoughts and beliefs about yourself to guide you toward your path to self love. We all seek out love. Laura is able to see love as a separate energy force that you are seeking. When you speak with her she is completely detached from herself and attached to your higher self. She speaks to you directly from your knowingness challenging stories, embedded constructs and uses language that promotes love for yourself.

 As a Super Power Expert, Laura’s emphasis areas are:
Eating Disorders
Body Positivity